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We didn’t miss a single detail with this kit. Everything you need for an overnight backpacking trip in the rugged Northwest all packed up and ready to go!


We handpicked our favorite products, working with the best brands to ensure every piece is lightweight, easy to use, and durable. 


Base pricing is for 1-3 nights:

*custom pricing for parties over 5 or longer than 5 nights

1 person kit: $196

  + $26 per additional night

2 PERSON KIT: $322

  + $40 per additional night

3 PERSON KIT: $443

  + $46 per additional night

4 PERSON KIT: $569

  + $53 per additional night

We are currently accepting requests for spring/summer/fall 2024 and will process them in the order received. Thank you! 


Osprey adjustable packs with rain covers. Size: 65-75L.

Trekking Poles
Adjustable height poles.

Lightweight 2 person Nemo backpacking tent with rain fly.

Sleeping Bags

34°F synthetic bag with liner sheet.

Air Pad

Therm-a-rest lightweight backpacking mattress pad.

Backpacking Pillow

Packable synthetic filled small pillow.

Personal Towel

Hand towel sized micro-fiber cloth, quick drying and lightweight.

Water Filtration System

Platypus gravity water filter system.

Headlamp and Micro-Lantern

LED headlamp and LED lantern for hanging in the tent.

Kitchen Kit

Jetboil Flash propane backpacking stove, good for dehydrated meals and warm drinks. One can of fuel, bowls, cups and spork utensil.

Multi-Tool with Knife

Leatherman multi-tool is an essential backpacking item.


Nylon survival rope. 

Basic Medical Kit

Contains the essentials for a few nights in the backcountry.


Bear Vault
Hard sided, lockable plastic vault.


Extra Tent
One additional tent. 2 - 6 person sizes available.


Extra Fuel
For propane backpacking stove.


Cathole Trowel


Wag Bag 
Packable, discrete personal toilet. One time use. Price is based per item. 


Compression Towels
Personal towelettes.  


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